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      company culture

      To quote the old saying, "the gentleman to self-improvement, terrain kun gentleman to social commitment" and named kun jian.

      Business philosophy: forge ahead, share the cause, win-win cooperation

      Enterprise service concept: efficient execution, quality first, service first

      Enterprise management philosophy: data-based, process-based and standardized

      Business management team: high quality, young, learning management team

      Enterprise employment standards: there is a virtue only exceptional reuse, there is no virtue only training and use, there is no virtue limit employment.


      Kunjian Holdings was established in 2006. Its business orientation is mainly based on coal production and processing, precision logistics and distribution, with annual sales exceeding RMB 2 billion.

      With years of industry precipitation and innovative pioneering spirit, Kunjian Holdings has developed its own management system. In the management, the company is based on the core of business, and the management is transparent.

      Make the work goal clear and the working atmosphere harmonious. Post data management, the data will explain everything and prove the value of your work.

      Post-age management helps you to work effectively and improve your professionalism to develop good professional habits. With the joint efforts of the company's highly qualified team,

      Kunjian Holdings is committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, and strives to develop and cooperate with customers to achieve win-win results.

      2006 Year

      Kunjian Holdings was established

      20 Billion

      Annual sales

      10 + House

      Domestic company

      Integrity demonstration enterprise
      Demonstration unit of honesty and trustworthiness
      Honorary certificate
      Honorary certificate
      Big taxpayers in 2009
      Big taxpayers in 2008
      Big taxpayers in 2010
      Big taxpayers in 2011
      Big taxpayers in 2016
      Big taxpayers in 2018
      Office environment
      The front desk
      Reception room 1
      Reception room
      Big office
      Office area
      development path
      Kunjian holdings (xiamen) co. LTD
      Set up Kunjian holdings (xiamen) co. LTD
      Close kin logistics
      Set up hejian logistics
      Quanzhou shishi haicang subsidiary
      Set up quanzhou shishi haicang subsidiary
      Tianjin subsidiary
      Establishment of tianjin subsidiary
      Xiahuayuan, hebei
      The establishment of hebei xiayuan
      Nanjiang, xijiang, xinsha port, guangdong; Inner Mongolia tuoxian subsidiary
      Established nanjiang, xijiang and xinsha ports of guangdong; Inner Mongolia tuoxian subsidiary
      Jiangsu, jiangxi
      Founded in jiangsu and jiangxi

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